RosterBuster ~ A Real Game Changer for Airline Crew

A journey that started with the idea of organizing the lives of airline crew & simplifying flight rosters has now shaped the lives of more than 400,000 crew members and paved the way for even more solutions.

Recently launched RB Logbook is one such solution that allows pilots to log their flights by clicking a photo of ACARS. Simple, quick and efficient.

RosterBuster has been around for more than a decade & the World Map of our users will tell you that we have been around the globe and connected with people across all continents.


RosterBuster, by and for airline crew

A U.K pilot of the majestic Boeing 787 Dreamliner and an experienced Air Traffic Controller understood the impact of the unorganized system governing airline rosters.

The stress of managing a schedule, keeping tabs of the month’s roster was becoming a tiring and unnecessary practice for the airline crew.

Together, the duo came up with the concept for an app to manage flight rosters and make the lives of airline crew simple and organized.


Life Before RosterBuster

Complex rosters with bad readability were creating confusion and distress in the entire industry. These flight rosters were full of unwanted information seemingly structured for machines rather than actual human beings.


The RosterBuster Effect

Ask anybody from the airline crew and they can tell you that flight rosters are the blueprint that defines the world of aviation.

Where, when and how they will get to a different location on the world map is decided by flight rosters.

RosterBuster has solved the equation that guides the lives of the airline crew, allowing people to take control of their time and life.

Organized Rosters automatically translate to effective scheduling and simplifying the lives of the airline crew and their families.

Link your roster to google calendar and your schedule is connected to you through all your devices.


The Family & Friends Connect

The airline crew can have a difficult time managing relationships and friends due to unusual working hours and the geographical distance that can extend to different continents & even timezones.

RosterBuster allows you to share your roster with family and friends, to keep them in your loop.

Complete sync with your friends, easier to plan and meet your group of people.

This hugely popular feature allows you to gift your family the peace of mind, of knowing where you are and where you are traveling to.


Global Connect ~ Chat Box

Globe-trotting does sound exciting but it can become a bit boring with no one to share it with.

This in-app chat feature is an amazing way to check up on your friends and fellow crew members. Plan to meet up with them during Layovers, off days or even during off duty time.

Open the chat option and explore! You might find an interesting company in the shape of an old friend or a new connection.


A Career Map For Your World

Ever wondered how many airports you have been to? Countries? Cities? You can view that simply through the Dashboard of the app.

Achievements, milestones and personal goals stored within your application.

Career statistics mapped and maintained, more power to the flight crew in keeping track of all flight metrics and total distance traveled.


How did RB stay relevant after all these years?

The ability to mold and adapt based on the needs of the aviation industry and the airliners has helped us in keeping updated and fresh.

RosterBuster has constantly modulated according to the needs of the airliner community & sought to resolve any gaps or issues in the system.


What is New With RosterBuster?

Feedback from the airline crew and the industry keeps our updates relevant. We address all issues faced by our users regarding the current ecosystem of flight roster and aviation in general.

Our upcoming update is taking another progressive leap in making the app more accessible and intelligent.

  • Free Full-featured Rosterbuster app for both android and iOS
  • No subscription required to use the app
  • Flight notifications near Homebase
  • Easier to keep track of duty changes
  • Event Filters for layovers, day off’s and duty days

Try RosterBuster for free, keep your mind and schedule free of clutter!