RosterBuster Acquires CrewTalk App

RosterBuster and CrewTalk have joined forces to become the #1 communication app for professional airline crew worldwide. All 6000 CrewTalk users have been moved to RosterBuster and have received an e-mail with instructions on how to activate their membership.

Communicating with co-workers was a key feature for CrewTalk, which was a pioneering app in this field. However, operating an online app is difficult and CrewTalk’s team was looking for ways to provide the best possible experience for their users, in this increasingly complex and demanding space. The integration into RosterBuster best ensures this, because of the vast userbase, ecosystem and continuous product development.

Richard Versluis, RosterBuster’s CEO, states: “We’re very excited about this acquisition. There’s a lot of good things coming for CrewTalk users. They can expect RosterBuster to match and surpass CrewTalk’s beloved features soon in all areas, and much, much more” he says.

With RB’s upcoming conversation feature for example. crew will be able to communicate on duty easier than ever before. While RosterBuster already has industry leading features for sharing your roster with friends, family and co-workers.