RosterBuster localization to the next level with Lokalise

rosterbuster localization

RosterBuster localization is important to us, because even though English is the default for most communication in aviation, our users have requested that our app should be available in their own local language as well. This is why we have recently teamed up with lokalise.

Lokalise started out as an internal translation management tool in one project. It has grown to a platform that helps thousands of coders to keep their language translation files in consistency while offering product managers and translators a quick and sleek translation tool. Through the partnership with Lokalise, we believe we can bring the RosterBuster app even closer to our users.

RosterBuster localization: More than just translation

Currently our developments teams are adding Lokalise to RosterBuster’s Android and iOS apps. Never think of mobile app localization as just translation, because it is so much more than that. Localization is about adjusting your mobile app to work in different markets, and that includes so much more than the language aspect of it. This includes unit and currencies conversion, date formats, numbers, and even adapting your app to social conventions, legal regulations, and different technological standards.

Localization for RosterBuster means that together with our key ambassadors, we will add full language support for the most used languages but also to tailor the RosterBuster App more and more to specific region and even airline needs. That is our challenge!

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