RosterBuster featured at Starburst aerospace event in YES!Delft

The RosterBuster Team was invited to showcase its latest innovations at the Starburst Selection Committee, hosted at YES!Delft. In an international lineup of start-ups consisting of producers of flying cars, satellite equipment and an Ironman exoskeletons, we demonstrated our leading airline crew app and upcoming AI for Alexa Echo.

Starburst is considered the #1 aviation start-up accelerator in the world, with branches in e.g. San Francisco, Paris and Singapore. Starburst provides access to seed funding from the top business angels and venture capital firms dedicated to Aerospace, Defense and Security as well as access to the largest aerospace group stakeholders.

Designed for airline crew

Most of the start-ups attending the event are hardcore tech companies, delivering B2B solutions for high tech industries. RosterBuster on the other hand focuses on airline crew, providing a solution directly to the end user, listening to their needs ands wants. This made us stand out at the event.

We showcased our chatbot and a prototype of a new Alexa Echo app, which will be released in the near future. With this new feature, crew and their followers will be able to ask questions about their whereabouts.

About Starburst Accelerator
Starburst Accelerator, the global aerospace and aviation incubator, provides support to start-ups seeking to commercialize their activities in the aeronautics, defense and space markets. The program acts as a catalyst, linking early-stage companies to a wide network of strategic industry players and potential partners to accelerate the adoption of breakthrough innovations. Through its dedicated venture capital network, Starburst has offices in Los Angeles, Munich, Paris, Singapore, Montreal and San Francisco.

About YES!Delft
YES!Delft is a community of tech entrepreneurs building Tomorrow’s Leading Firms. YES!Delft stimulates and support students of the TU Delft and the surrounding area to expand their horizon and learn more about the world of entrepreneurship. YES!Delft is the #4 most successful incubator in Europe.

About RosterBuster
RosterBuster is the #1 Crew App that lets airline crew download, view and share their airline’s rosters. RosterBuster is specifically designed for Airline Crew’s needs. As a personal assistant, in work, in life, in the moment. Airline roster, duty details, gate info, 3D airport views, share with friends and family, statistics, block hours, chats, layover meet-up, logbook export, calendar and lots more.

RosterBuster is based in Zoetermeer (near AMS and RTM) in the Dutch Innovation Factory and supports over 300.000 professional users at 400+ airlines.