RosterBuster for teams in aviation

James, UK based long-serving crew member has been Beta testing a new product from RB, RosterBuster for Teams in Aviation, designed to help manage teams of both ground staff and flight crew.  

In 2013, James transferred from Senior Cabin Manager to Customer Service and People Manager. Having used RosterBuster for many years, James contacted RosterBuster in 2018 with an idea of a team manager feature for the RosterBuster app.

At RosterBuster the best kind of input is user input, and we regularly encourage our users to share ideas for the app that would improve the usability and feature selection to allow users to carry out their jobs more efficiently.

We were immediately interested to collaborate with James on this, it had strong parallels with our ongoing developments B2B airline product RB Connect.

James has been helping us validate the benefits and value that Teams in Aviation will bring to users in team management positions.

RosterBuster Teams in Aviation

After moving into a dual role, managing a team of 7 flying crew, it became difficult for James to stay up-to-date with his complete team, as they often found themselves working in different time zones and locations. 

On roster publication day, James was asking his team members to send him their flying rosters, so he could have a better overview of everyone’s schedules and locations.

James says “ We have systems at work to do this, but they are only accessible on company premises, and are not avialable if you are away from work or if you’re at another location.”

RB began developing the teams feature through the RosterBuster app and since late 2018 James has been successfully trialing the RosterBuster Teams in Aviation feature.

We were able to catch up with James to see how things were going so far with the Beta testing.

#1 how has the RosterBuster Teams function allowed you to connect with your colleagues and manage your team?

The RosterBuster Team feature allows our whole team to connect through the app, without sharing personal phone numbers. WhatsApp groups can be a little intrusive into personal life, but through the RosterBuster app, we can maintain professional boundaries, share and view team rosters and, use group chat features all on the convenience of our mobile phones.

#2 How was the idea received by your team members?

Very well, a few members were already RosterBuster users so to be able to contact me, their manager, as well as share their rosters in an easy way is much more convenient for them.

#3 How was the onboarding process for team members?

Easy, the app is so user-friendly, there wasn’t much I needed to do to onboard staff, they just registered for an account and upload their roster.

#4 What value does this function bring to you as a manager?

It simplifies my life as a manager, not having to look up their roster via email screenshots, saves a lot of time and its all in the palm of my hand, when and where I need it.

#5 Do you think that this feature has allowed you to better engage and connect with your team professionally?

Yes, we’re all able to connect share and view rosters in one place, in a professional environment. It has also relieved the extra pressure from myself, I no longer need to chase team members for their rosters, and I am able to be mindful of the days they are working and not, all with the help of RosterBuster Teams.

RosterBuster Teams is still under development but will become available around the end of summer this year offering small teams great tools to better collaborate.   For smaller teams, RosterBuster Teams will be free to use.

How does RosterBuster Teams work?

There is a Team Lead that has the administrator rights, who can add other users with admin rights.

As a Team Lead admin you can:

  • Manage the name of the group
  • ­Manage the group conversation participants, add and delete participants
  • Check the rosters of the individual team members
  • Individual or Group messaging for your team
  • Team members can add their work email, the Team Lead can then email them individually or as a group.
  • Team Lead gets a notification when the roster of a team member has changed.
  • Team Lead gets a notification when the roster of a team member has become outdated

RosterBuster for Teams in Aviation will be a great addition to the app, if you’re in a team leader or management position and would like to register your interest for Beta testing drop us an email, we’d be delighted to help.