RosterBuster founding story

RosterBuster founding story

For the RosterBuster founding story, we go back to 2010 when it was founded by Henry, a Boeing 787 commercial pilot, and Tony, a UK based Air Traffic Controller. Henry had been looking for a way to import his roster into his phone calendar, and the option to print out an understandable version for his fridge, so his partner could easily keep track on his work schedule.

He joined forces with Tony, to develop a website version of RosterBuster, before together launching the RosterBuster app in 2012.

The number of users grew by word of mouth, as did the number of airlines supported, spreading RosterBuster across the globe and helping aircrew manage their busy flying schedules while helping their friends and family decode IAD from IAH, and BOJ from BJV.

In 2015, their app became part of RB and has seen phenomenal growth and adoption across the industry.

Nearly 10-years later RosterBuster is used by over 300,000 aviation professionals worldwide and has become a must-have app for airline crew, paving the way for modernized airline-to-crew communications and connectivity.

Today, RB has thrived and grown into an international business, with offices in Europe and India, run by a dedicated and growing team of aviation and tech experts.

RB is passionate and committed to continue Henry and Tony’s work of bringing the industry, airlines and airline operation management systems, safe and secure, crew-focussed apps that meet the needs of both the airline and the aviation professional.

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