Have you tried the RosterBuster in-app chats feature?

With RosterBuster in-app chats, crew can now benefit from having everything they need all in one place, rosters, statistics, upcoming flight information, and now our free in-app chat function. 

Benefits of RosterBuster In-app chats

  • No need to exchange private telephone numbers
  • Less intrusive into your personal life then WhatsApp messages
  • Free to use
  • Simple to use
  • Start group messages with your whole crew
  • One-to-one messages

We’re continuing our mission to make life simpler for airline crew, by enhancing features, and our in-app chat function allows crew to directly communicate one-to-one or via a group in a secure environment without the need of swapping telephone numbers.

Chat types

Head to the chat section in the app to start a conversation

  • Chat with your friends
  • Chat with your airline colleagues
  • Chat with RosterBuster users nearby
  • Duty Chat – Plan your flight or sector with your flying colleagues

Upcoming layover?

The chat feature is also great for communicating with your colleagues on a layover. Simply head to your event list, and select your upcoming flight, here you’ll be able to directly start a group message with your whole crew by selecting “ message crew”

We also have a special reward to crews using our chat feature on a layover, discover more here.

How to use?

  1. Open the app
  2. Select the friends/crew icon
  3. Here you can find all your friends and colleagues, start conversation or chat