RosterBuster introduces: Conversations, a Free Service For Airline Crew

Texting has become a preferred mode of communication because it’s fast, easy, and effective. This is especially the case for airline crew, who don’t have time to sift through countless e-mails and try to access bulky company portals.

With RosterBuster airline crew can quickly join conversations and communicate with co-workers and friends, without the need of exchanging phone numbers or creating WhatsApp groups over and over again. At this moment, RosterBuster already holds the largest aviation community worldwide, so finding your co-workers will be easy.

It will allow crew to easily separate private from professional communication. No more endlessly cluttered WhatsApp groups on your phone! And all your precious messages are of course encrypted; we take your privacy very seriously.

Best of all, Conversations is a free to use service. Airline crew only need a verified user account at RosterBuster, no subscription is necessary.

One to One Messages – Start chatting with anyone

Securely send a message to anyone, by simply searching for their name. RosterBuster has all the capabilities you would expect from a messaging app. From the bottom of the messaging screen, you can type a message, take a picture, send a picture from your library, and of course, send a thumbs up.

Flight Conversations

RosterBuster flight conversations facilitates communications for flight and cabin crew on duty. RosterBuster makes it easy to pair up with your colleagues, based on your schedule. For example a group conversation for “Flight BA123 to Singapore” will be created instantly and accessible for the crew on that flight.

Free upgrade

We envision there are many other use cases for RosterBuster Conversations for crew to connect and communicate. More information about this feature will become available once we it roll out to our users as a free upgrade.

We expect to release RosterBuster Conversations in March 2018. We’d love to hear your feedback. So please join the Conversation!