RosterBuster is trending in Kuwait


Apple iPhone users in Kuwait that are not familiar with aviation, may have looked a bit surprised when they discovered that an app called “RosterBuster” reached a top-50 spot in the “Trending Apps & Games” list of the App Store in March. It was no mistake: RosterBuster’s growth has caught on at the tip of the Persian Gulf.

Aviation is an international workplace like no other. Airlines are based all over the world and service an ever growing list of destinations. As a result, RosterBuster is being used around the globe in every country in the world that has an airport, including Kuwait.

Kuwait International Airport

Kuwait as a country may be small, but it has an important central location in the region. There’s a large airport there. Kuwait International Airport is hot, and not only figuratively speaking! It is also literally the hottest airport in the world. Temperatures often reach 45 degrees Celsius. The highest recorded temperature is a searing 54 degrees Celsius.

It is also the main hub for Kuwait Airlines. “We see a lot of growth in the MENA region. Particularly crew from Kuwait Airways love RB.” says Richard Versluis, CEO of RosterBuster. “We’re very happy with that.” As for the reasons of this huge demand, Richard notes that “recent new features we’ve added, such as seasmless Calendar Integration, Layover Suggestions and Conversations, have made it obvious that RosterBuster is miles ahead of the competition.”

Further growth is around the corner. The Middle East has a strong crew community. Not only from airline crew currently employed but also because the airlines in the Middle East are expanding rapidly. “There are a lot of orders placed at Boeing and Airbus from airlines in the Middle East and Asia. Those planes will need crew to fly them and that crew will look for ways to make their life easier. We’ll be there if they need us.” concludes Versluis.