RosterBuster LaserGame Event in the Dutch Innovation Factory

RosterBuster initiated an epic LaserGame Event, hosted in the The Dutch Innovation Factory. The building was declared a war zone on Thursday, 14th of December 2017. Teams from The Hague University, MBO Rijnland and several companies from the community took part in the assault.

The battlefield was set up in a spare and unused space, situated in a corner of the Factory building. This space has almost no daylight. Further upgraded with obstacles, smoke, lights and warsounds, it became the perfect place for a futuristic game with guns ‘n lasers.


After a period of free-for-all, in which students and companies participated, two tournaments were set up. First, the regulars from The Hague University had the chance to win eternal fame. RosterBuster’s own hitsquad joined this tournament as well. In the fierce battles that followed, none of the teams showed any mercy. Later in the evening, the companies took up their rifles and started their blitzkrieg in the community tournament. It goes without saying that in this kind of madness, only the best tacticians survived.

Memorable Event

With the participation of more than 50 students and teachers from The Hague University and MBO Rijnland, the Dutch Innovation Community and companies like Blue Coded, Cloud 7, Remotion, Staffing team and U-Doc, we can safely say that this was a very memorable event!

With special thanks to SIM and 123Lasergame, for helping us organize these awesome tournaments.