RosterBuster for life?


RosterBuster now has a lifetime membership option. It is available in the latest update that rolled out the app stores last week. And we are proud to announce that first users have already purchased their RosterBuster lifetime memberships!

It is part of our mission to make life easier for airline crew. Therefore we don’t think it is ideal that we need to charge a recurring subscription fee. But an app needs maintenance, development and support, and we aim to deliver the best in all these areas. We don’t sell your data; we respect your privacy. We’re not Facebook. Unfortunately this also means that we require a subscription fee to keep things going. However, we understand you don’t want to be bothered with payment requests every time.

We thought about this, and came up with a simple solution. You can now buy a lifetime RosterBuster subscription that never expires, for only €79,99.

The Ultimate Convenience

It is the ultimate convenience for our most loyal users. And of course it is both a compliment and a challenge for our team to keep delivering the best app possible, for as long as they need it. We realize that the great trust that is placed upon us, comes with great responsibility.

The first group of users that have bought the RB Lifetime Membership, work for a variety of companies such as CargoJet, China Airlines, Jet2 and Vietnam Airlines.

We are very grateful for their patronage!