Student training company license awarded to RosterBuster

student training company

The Dutch ministry of education has awarded RosterBuster BV the ‘Erkend Leerbedrijf’ badge, an official student training company license.

Being at the heart of The Dutch Innovation Factory in Zoetermeer, RosterBuster has had the privilege to help many students from The Hague University to complete their internships or school assignments. The new license enables us to offer even more students this opportunity, from other schools such as MBO Rijnland.

It is also a recognition of our fruitful relationship with education. As an innovative aviation startup, RosterBuster combines cutting-edge software at scale with an experienced agile team. This provides a unique opportunity for students who want to pioneer new technologies, while also able to validate their solutions by gathering and processing the feedback from real customers.

The coming year we are excited to welcome even more interns and students on various assignments. This includes working on development of RosterBuster app features. These features can either be part of the RosterBuster app itself which users experience, or of the backend platform which handles all kind of background services.

If you are looking for a challenging internship, please check out our current opportunities. We are a great student training company!

Want to check out the team? Have a look at our team members on this page.