RosterBuster on the move

RosterBuster HQ will be moving to a larger office space per April 1st next year! But we won’t go far. We will stay in the Dutch Innovation Factory in Zoetermeer. This means that we remain part of the innovative ecosystem that we have come to value so much.

By our projections, we anticipate that our team will grow by a factor of two next year. That’s great of course, but it also means that extra office space has become a requirement, plain and simple.

Therefore we began considering our options. We found a few offerings in the city of Zoetermeer, and also a very interesting office located on Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Finally we could end our search, because we learned that there will be new space developed in our current building, so we do not have to move elsewhere.

Additional Space

Of course the space still needs to be developed. It will be ready by April 1st. Until then, we will move to a temporary room in the building, that already gives us some much desired additional square meters.

As we fly into 2019, we are very excited about the new space. Last week, we were allowed to wander into the space for the first time and try it out. It is very spacious and light, and well situated in the building too, with direct access to the Atrium.

We have to be patient a little while longer. But it’s great to know that within this new office space, we can grow to the company we want to be for the coming years.