RosterBuster Pokémon moment at United Stripes Party 2018

The United Stripes airline crew party yesterday in Bloomingdale Beach Club was a lot of fun! During the party, airline crew from all over Europe found their phones buzzing to discover they received 6 months free RosterBuster membership.

This year’s United Stripes took off with a great summer BBQ, after which an impressive lineup of DJ’s performed on stage. With temperatures reaching 29 degrees Celsius, the weather in Holland couldn’t be better! Add to this a crowd full of hot and fashionable airline crew, with of course the impeccably dressed RosterBuster team present, and you see that all the ingredients were there for the most exciting crew beach party of the year.

We sure had a great time with the team, drinking beers, enjoying the music and meeting our users.

The RB Pokémon Moment

As official partner of United Stripes, RosterBuster had promised that everybody who attended the event and opened the app in the venue, would receive 6 months(!) of free RB membership. Around 23:00, we sent out a push message to all these users at once.

We witnessed an epic moment as many visitors reached for their pockets at once. Pokémon-like.

Several users from e.g. British Airways, All Nipon Cargo, Transavia, KLM, KLM Cityhopper, Corendon, Sunwing, Small Planet Airlines were among the lucky ones that received the present. We hope they’ll all enjoy it!

If you missed out on the party and/or the reward this year, keep in mind that there is another party next year! Hope to see you then.

Rosterbsuter on airline crew party

Rosterbuster grands free membership

Rosterbuster team on airline crew party