RosterBuster welcomes five new interns, starting new projects to improve your favorite crew app!

RosterBuster’s welcomed a group of new interns last week, that all started recently at the company. Three interns from the bachelor’s program at The Hague University of Applied Sciences will help with the further development of the app. Two others will take on assignments in the areas of customer success and marketing.

Beautiful improvements

The last group of interns we had at RosterBuster delivered some beautiful improvements for the app. Among other things, we were able to roll out features such as achievements, RosterBot, iCloud integration, support for new airlines such as All Nippon Airways and a lot of improvements to our overall performance.

So what can you expect this time? The interns will stay for at least 20 weeks at our company. But at first, they’ll have to learn a lot about the product, the market and the technology. To start things off on the right foot we had lunch together in the building.

Already it is clear that it is a motivated group, and we’re very lucky to have them!

Ambitious projects

Their projects are both exciting and ambitious. Ranging from wearables, widgets and in-app features to roster implementation and roster quality inspection. But in this process, we aim not only to make the product better, but also to give the students a meaningful learning experience.

As a small and informal start-up, we provide specific training and daily coaching. This allows for them to get acquainted with the product quickly. They can truly add customer value during their internship. This is something not many students on this level are enabled or allowed to do in other companies. Their projects are carefully guided with an agile mindset and the use of scrum techniques.

Dutch Innovation Factory

Our office location in the Dutch Innovation Factory is ideal for students, because for most of them their school is in the same building. There are also a lot of applications from outside of the Factory, because of the innovative and technically challenging projects RosterBuster can offer.

Interested in doing your internship at RosterBuster? Contact us here.