RosterBuster’s Bits & Pretzels 2018 Munich visit

Bits & Pretzels is the largest Founder’s festival in Europe. Start-up founders, investors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders come together in Munich to exchange ideas and concepts. RosterBuster attended the festival and took part in the networking events.

An event like Bits & Pretzels is really valuable for early stage startups. Of course, being organized in Germany, the hosting was impeccable. In the Munich conference centre, there were various talks about new developments and start-up topics that we could visit, from speakers like former F1-driver Nico Rosberg and Managing Director of Lufthansa Innovation Gleb Tritus.

There was no shortage of coffee, beer and pretzels. The conference is linked to the Oktoberfest, so to our own surprise we were drinking beer at 11:00am in a huge tent, talking to other entrepreneurs about the possibilities of blockchain development in aviation.

Bits and Pretzels founder's fest after-party

We enjoyed a particularly comfortable Transavia flight from AMS to MUC, because we discovered that four of the crew members are actively using RosterBuster on a day-to-day basis.

During a startup pitch competition organized by the “Häus der Beyerische Wirtshaft”, we linked up with some contacts we made at the Deep Dive Week in Dublin, earlier this year.

Thanks go to Startup Lighthouse for the invitation.