RosterBuster’s Friends and Family app makes a comeback

Keeping friends and family aware of your whereabouts when you’re traveling the globe, is one of the key features of RosterBuster. That’s why the previously discontinued Friends & Family App was so popular. Now the app is finally back; much better and easier to use than before.

Aviation is a way of life; you’re always on the move. Those that are left behind always wonder where you might be and where you’re going. Constantly texting your location is not a lot of fun. That’s why we have come up with a much better solution: the Friends & Family feature.

Send a Link

You can send anyone who wants to follow you on your flying career a link. Using this link, they will be instructed to download the app and register as a ‘follower’ in RosterBuster. Then they’ll automatically follow you and check out your roster. They will even see your flight statistics in the app.

To invite someone, go to the More menu and tap Followers. Then select Invite for Friends & Family App. You can share the link through e-mail, WhatsApp or any other app you have on your phone.

iOS Support On The Way

Currently the Friends & Family feature is available on Android only. But we’re working on iOS support, so you can expect this soon.

Of course, the ever happy RosterBot is also still available. As well as the shared calendar feature. We appreciate that everyone has different needs and want to share their roster the way they like. We build these tools to make your life easier. Happy flying!