RosterBuster’s London Visit

London Heathrow is the biggest hub of RosterBuster users in the world, and just an hour’s flight from our home base Amsterdam. A perfect place we thought to grab a coffee and meet some flight and cabin crew. Of course we also took the opportunity to work and explore the city of London.


Even though we were delayed because of the weather, we enjoyed a wonderful flight from Amsterdam to London Heathrow, operated by impeccable British Airways crew. At the Costa Coffee in T5, we had some appointments with users and Brand Ambassadors. Of course we were not able to talk to everybody in those two hours we were there, but we are very satisfied with the feedback and ideas we got.

We believe very firmly in the notion that because we design the best airline crew app, we require a constant user feedback loop. To validate features and to learn how users experience the app, so we can make improvements as meaningful as possible. And of course it is always a pleasure to talk to flight and cabin crew that are enjoying our app.

British Library

In Londen Centre, we set up shop in the British Library, to have a strategic session about the direction the RosterBuster app should take in 2018. We did not forget to visit the impressive collection of the library, containing an original Magna Carta and the first airmail ever sent by a plane in 1911 by Walter Windham. It is no surprise that the British Library is such a popular spot in London to work or study, when you have free WiFi, coffee, quiet surroundings and a view over the King’s Library there.

We made sure on the way back to grab an Amazon Alexa Echo device from one of the Argos stores, for further testing of our famous bot for airline crew that is currently in development. We hope to be able to introduce Alexa support for it soon. For now we can look back on a successful London visit, most certainly to be repeated in the future.