RosterBuster is scaling up

As the holiday season draws to a close, at RosterBuster we are thrilled to welcome a lot of new hires. Our Puna office has been expanded with two ace developers. In Zoetermeer we made two new hires, while five new internships have started.

Having a solid product vision and state of the art technology is not worth anything, without the right team. That’s why we have been working the past months to enforce our team in various areas. RosterBuster’s customer base is growing, and our team needs to keep up with our ambitions.

New Hires at Puna Office

Our Puna, India office has opened on July 1st. We’ve been all about recruitment since then. We were fortunate to find two awesome new developers, with the right mindset. They will be focused on iOS development and roster integrations. With their help we will be able to further improve our product, and provide better support for more airlines.

These developers are experienced and very capable, as they went thorough a rigorous selection process. We’re very happy to have them at RosterBuster, they’re more than up to the task.

Rosterbuster attracts talents from The Hague University

Scaling Up Our HQ

Thanks to our ongoing efforts to attract talent from The Hague University and MBO Rijnland, we have managed to scale up the team in Zoetermeer as well.

We’re training a new roster expert. Three internships started that focus on various back-end projects. And last but not least, the iOS and customer success teams have been strengthened as well.

Organization is Key

All this added up, means the team has effectively more than doubled this month, which has its challenges. In this phase, organization is key. Where RosterBuster used to have a very unstructured work pace, which is fine when there are only a handful of people working together, the developers will now start working in scrum teams across different timezones. With daily stand-ups, regular planning and refinement meetings, retrospective and sprint review meetings, we have put the framework in place for the teams to work together as effective as possible.

The coming months will be an exciting time for us and of course also for airline crew, with all these new people and projects taking off.