SkyCrew founder: “This kind of app has always been my long term goal”


We had a great first meeting with Thomas Kim in Dortmund, Germany last week. Thomas is a member of our advisory board. As a former Lufthansa airline pilot and founder of SkyCrew App and CrewTalk, he is very passionate about crews and has a lot of experience to share.

We first talked about Thomas’ experience developing apps for airline crew. He noted that it is a very hard thing to do, since crews are demanding and unforgiving when it comes to receiving incorrect information through any app. It is really difficult to get the basics right.

Strategy Validation

For an airline pilot it will always be a side business to maintain an app. SkyCrew App and CrewTalk were excellent apps in many ways, but Thomas recognized that to reach a next level, he would need a much larger and more dedicated team.

He saw that RosterBuster could help out. As he stated it: “This kind of app has always been my long term goal. It’s great that now through RosterBuster I can contribute to that, together with a smart thinking and passionately working team.”

We validated our current developments and got several useful directions. For example how we can achieve even deeper brand ambassador engagement, add additional services and how we can make location awareness awesome.

Pilots Join RosterBuster

It is really valuable to have someone like Thomas Kim on our advisory board. Not only does he have years of experience as an airline pilot, but he has also been in the business of developing a successful roster app for airline crew.

By teaming up with us, he can still help and influence the way airline crews get their information and connect with each other, without having to develop and maintain an app himself.

We see this situation repeating in the future, since there are quite a few apps out there made by pilots that are not getting the love and attention they deserve. At RosterBuster we can help these crews by taking over the community and further developing and maintaining a great crew app for them.

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