Successful airlines depend on crew engagement

To become a successful airline, companies must ensure they are connected to their crews with a modern and digital internal communication strategy. We take a look at how airlines can refresh and re-energize workforce morale while reinforcing company core values to stay on top and enjoy airline success.

Successful airlines

All airlines want to be recognized as successful and best of class, but few realize it all starts with their own crew engagement.

#1 Better internal communication builds workforce morale and better staff performance

Airline crew engagement should be a crucial part of your workforce internal communication strategy, ask yourself what do your crew members need to be best engaged?

  • Adequate resources that empower crew to deliver efficient and safe operations.
  • An internal communications solution that allows your crew to contribute their voice to the company conversation.
  • Leadership buy-in and subsequent modeling of your internal communication tools and best practices.

For airlines, maintaining an inspired workplace is easier said than done, with large proportions of your employees being field-based crew.

Intentional, leadership-led efforts to connect airline crew with company priorities and goals will build trust, comradery, and perhaps most importantly, provide an opportunity to actively demonstrate how and why their contribution matters.

This, in turn, increases staff performance and this for airlines is a driving factor behind efficient operations.

#2 Mobile technology for airline crew

We use apps and mobile technology for our airline customers, so why not for our airline crew?

Managing crews is a challenge, when they are based in different locations, time-zones and of course 33,000 ft in the sky.

It’s vital that we deliver relevant operational information, to enable our crews to carry out their jobs safely and efficiently.

Telephone and email communication drain resources but are still the most used methods of communication by airlines. It’s time to look for a modern solution.

#3 Listen to what your crew are saying

In our recent global crew insights survey, 42% of crew reported problems with communication and access to operational information at their airlines.

When we break down what airline crew are asking for it doesn’t seem like much to ask.

  • Easy to read and easy to access rosters
  • A simple way to communicate with colleagues, both office and field based
  • Better communication for duty changes and important operational information
  • Options for 2-way communication

So, what’s the solution?

RB Connect harnesses the power of modern mobile technology and through our well-loved Crew App, RosterBuster, we connect your airline directly to your crew on an enterprise and secure level.

Publish easy to read rosters

  • Distribute instantly to all crew
  • Notify crew instantly of roster updates or duty changes
  • Easy to read and simple to manage
  • Easy for crew to share with their families for improved work-life balance

Group and identify your airline crew

  • One centralised place to find all of your crew.
  • Advanced filtration means that you can quickly and easily find the people or groups you need to talk to. 

Communicate directly with your airline crew

  • One-to-one
  • Group & Team
  • Targeted
  • Corporate messages
  • Feedback requests
  • Duty changes
  • IROP and disruption notifications
  • Reporting and analytics

Locate your crew

  • Crew check-in notification
  • Location-based crew suggestions
  • Crew safety checks

RB Connect brings your airline two innovative products, an expert web app for your airline office staff, working in different departments, and an intuitive mobile app for your crew and field teams, RosterBuster.

Used together, these products will re-energize the way your airline communicates and engages, leaving you better-connected to the furthest and hardest to reach employees.

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