Summer will bring new stats, Apple Watch and friends & family features


During our quarterly review at RosterBuster HQ, we looked back with the team at a successful second quarter and shared our exciting plans for the summer. What you can expect: new app releases with better statistics, a much improved Apple Watch app and the comeback of the much requested Friends & Family app, in a brand new format.

The summer is always an exciting time at RosterBuster. While most businesses usually enter some kind of stasis, as employees enjoy their holidays, our office occupation goes in the opposite direction. Our flex-team of students from The Hague University use their holidays to work at RosterBuster and give our workforce a valuable extra boost in the summer months.

We started off with a keynote presentation, outlining the road-map for the product and the business. Here are a few examples of what we hope to achieve this summer:

New And Improved Statistics

We will create enhanced and accurate statistics for unique routes, flights, distance, airports, countries and regions. We’ll also add the number of times you have visited an airport and even when you have flown with another crew member. Last but not least, you will be able to rank yourself against your friends, the colleagues at your airline or even the whole world.

Brand New Apple Watch App

Brand New Apple Watch App

We have Apple Watch support, but many requests came in to improve it. Of course, we listened and you can expect a brand new release, featuring a watch face, better reliability, and many customization options. The ultimate goal is that you can instantly see on your wrist what’s relevant for you at any time.

Friends & Family Features

Since we stopped supporting the RosterBuster Friends & Family app, we received a lot of requests from users to bring it back. Of course, we have the smart RosterBot which is used a lot, and the shared Calendar feature. But an app that is on par with what crew uses, is missed. The old app just wasn’t getting a lot of love, but we think we’ve nailed it this time. RosterBuster will get its Friends & Family features embedded in one and the same app. This way, we will be able to offer a much better experience, while there will be no more confusion about which app to use by airline crew and their followers.

Of course, there is much more (such as an Easter egg that is rumored to have made its way into our apps) but we don’t want to show all our cards at once. We’ll update you on this blog as soon as the new features hit the stores!