The first RB Logbook user session

Earlier this month we completed our first user session for our new RB Logbook app, catch up with all the latest RB Logbook news and developments.

We were joined by RB Group Aviation Board Advisor, Jordy Jensen, who has been playing an integral part of the development and build behind RB Logbook, Jordy is a line flying First Officer for Nippon Cargo Airlines

Logbook user session

The first RB logbook user session was attended by pilots from Emirates, Transavia, Qatar, KLM, and Nippon Cargo. User sessions play a very important role in the development of RB Group’s apps, they help the team to tailor the products specifically to the needs of airline crew, and provide a valuable platform for crew to share their thoughts, feedback and insights.

RB Logbook takes to the skies

After the user session, CEO Richard Versluis took to the skies with Jordy Jansen, to trial the RB Logbook in a real test environment. 

Jordy who maintains an SEP license was able to take Richard for a flight over and around the city of Rotterdam, in a Robin DR400, taking off and landing at Rotterdam The Hague airport. 

After the flight, Jordy used the beta RB Logbook app to record his flight time, this gave us the opportunity to see the app in action.

The app is developing quickly alongside our aviation user group and to see the app in real live action was a highlight for me.

RB Logbook is set to BETA launch end 2019, both the user session and test flight have given the teams here working on the app a real boost and we’re excited about the coming months, and further connecting our users to relevant crew focused apps that simplify their lives, on and off the runway. 

Richard Versluis – CEO 

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