The world In 10 remarkable flight maps

Rosterbuster europe america flight roster

We don’t think there is any app community that is more global than RosterBuster’s. Airline crew travel daily to all parts of the world and sometimes visit even the most remote places. The most astonishing graphical display is our RosterBuster yearly flight map. All routes of the year in one single map. We’ve picked some of the most remarkable of 2018 for you.

RosterBuster lets you easily share your flight map whenever you download your roster, but you can also create a map of your entire year and of all routes you have flown. This is a very popular feature, as more than 6000 maps have been created for 2018!

Works Of Art

Browsing through them, it is easy to see why. From longhaul to shorthaul, every flight map has a certain beauty to it. They look like a work of art. It’s easy to identify the home base of the individual.

Enjoy the ones we picked. For more, look for #rosterbuster on Instagram. We can’t wait to see what awesome flight maps you will create in 2019!

RosterBuster South Korea flight map

RosterBuster Australia flight map

RosterBuster destinations from UK flight map

RosterBuster destinations from the Netherlands flight map

RosterBuster UK flight map

RosterBuster Mediterranean flight map

RosterBuster New Zeland flight map

RosterBuster Turkey flight map

RosterBuster USA flight map

RosterBuster world flight map one

RosterBuster world flight map second

RosterBuster world flight map third

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