What is the History of the Pilot Logbook?

It started more than 100 years back and continues to evolve and adapt to the enhancement in technology. A pilot logbook is not just a record of time, it is the documentation of a pilot’s entire life.

The History and evolution of the pilot logbook say a lot about the change in the nature of this noble profession.


How Did it All Start?

History of the Pilot Logbook is as old as planes itself. It all started with the creators of airplanes; Wright Brothers. They kept detailed records, noting down everything about their research in building and testing the very first aircraft. 

Their thorough and detailed notes changed the course of human history and resulted in the first flight in 1903. 

Before official regulation around flight logs, these were personal diaries maintained by pilots mainly for their own records. 

These were aircraft logs too. The limits of the aircraft and the ability to fly was being tested and recorded in the form of an aircraft logbook.


Step By Step Logbook Evolution

  • Britain’s Royal Corps also adopted the practice of logging their flights in 1912.
  • The first detailed Log was recorded in 1913 with designated rows and columns inspired by the shipping logs.  
  • World took notice of the importance and necessity of keeping a detailed pilot and aircraft logbook. The first official guidelines around it were set with the Air Commerce Act of 1926.   

Logbooks today have become digital. Free to try RB Logbook makes recording flight information simple, detailed and accessible from any device.


Why is Pilot Logbook even required?

Historically they were required to track the capabilities of flight and aircraft potential. 

As the civil aviation industry grew, personal logs became extremely important to know if you were being paid correctly!

In today’s world, it helps in recording personal achievements and milestones. Primarily to be eligible for a promotion or a job change.


Why is a Digital Pilot Logbook so valuable?

Charles Lindbergh, the first person to complete a nonstop transatlantic solo flight was welcomed by a mob of happy faces, cheering him on. 

In the midst of it all, someone stole his logbook and it was never found again. 

This was a devastating feeling for Charles, he had recorded details of his flight and added numerous remarks for his 33 hours long flight.

In today’s age, the availability of digital logbooks ensures that no pilot loses track of his records ever again. Not only does a digital logbook keep all the data safe but it also removes device dependency. 

Even loss or damage to the phone will keep flight logs safe with cloud storage. Quick and time-efficient, RB Logbook helps in creating a flight log simply by clicking a picture of ACARS.  

More Than Just A Flight Log

A Pilot Logbook is the total sum of all experiences, noted and recorded in perfect detail. Filled with unforgettable, thrilling memories and achieved milestones.

Pilots & Flight enthusiasts have an unparalleled passion for flying and a logbook helps in documenting all those crucial moments. 

“When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return”
Leonardo Da Vinci