Does your airline use WhatsApp for internal communications?

WhatsApp for internal communications

Does your airline use WhatsApp for internal communications? WhatsApp is great for keeping track of your social life, but when used as a tool for business you’ll find it’s doesn’t meet GDPR privacy and security regulations. If you’re using WhatsApp in your business, could you be risking data breaches?

For management, starting a group in WhatsApp might seem like a simple way to keep track of your team members and staff, but have you considered the negative effects?

The perils of using WhatsApp for internal communications

#1 WhatsApp is not GDPR compliant

WhatsApp usage in the enterprise is not legally compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and WhatsApp cannot adequately protect corporate data, causing data breaches – more and more companies are banning the use of WhatsApp for business purposes.

Employees do not use WhatsApp with the intention to harm their employer, but because the communication is faster, the coordination is easier and the collaboration is more productive than with other tools available in the organization (such as email or a unified communications tool). That means although WhatsApp is not a GDPR-compliant enterprise messaging app, it significantly increases business productivity.

#2 Boundaries

WhatsApp group messaging can feel very intrusive into your personal life, especially if you’re on a day off, vacation or in a different time zone.  Finding hundreds of missed messages increases stress.

WhatsApp group messaging can blur the professional boundaries and can sometimes lead to people feeling bullied or singled out.

#3 Respecting privacy

Employees are forced to share their private telephone numbers, which are then available to all people in the same chat – Is that against any of your internal policies? This can lead to further problems for staff.

Unlike after-work drinks, there is a record of all your conversation that can easily be passed to others, for example, if messages are forwarded to people outside of your group.

What are GDPR Compliant the alternatives?

RB Connect offers an alternative solution to business communications and helps to overcome boundaries, privacy, and data safety issues, that WhatsApp doesn’t.

For Airlines

Addressing professional boundaries is a top priority and through the below features we solve that problem.

  • Administration control
  • Multiple group creation

Privacy is another issue we take seriously and through the below features we enable companies to respect and comply with employee privacy.

  • No need to expose or share employee private telephone numbers
  • Less intrusive for employees than WhatsApp group messaging

Data Safety must always be considered when using group messaging, through our features, we ensure your company upholds standards.

  • Analytics
  • Encrypted data
  • Securely stored in compliance with ISO27001

For Individuals

As for the employee or individual on the receiving end of company-to-employee group messaging, let’s look at the benefits.

  • Everything all in one place
  • Less intrusive into your personal life then WhatsApp messages
  • Free to use
  • Simple to use
  • Communicate with crew without exchanging private telephone numbers

Discover the RosterBuster app for airline crew.