RB Connect

Connect your crew to your airline operations.

RB Connect provides airlines with the best way to connect their crews to the wider operational processes. Crew communication, optimized!
RB Enterprise App
We enable users to connect to their airline operations, communicate with other crew and manage their busy schedules with ease. With over 300k users globally and more than 500 airlines currently supported, we are committed to empower aviation professionals.
Optimize internal communications with one-to-one and group messaging that touches every staff member in your airline. Get faster responses, share files, and take the heavy lifting out of managing processes such as dealing with delays, irregular operations, and airline employee onboarding.
Engagement analytics provide near real-time stats on usage across all users. Active Usage and Message Metrics give you visibility into user activity levels and message engagement. 
Enterprise Platform
We offer built-in integration with leading technology companies so airline crew can seamlessly share information. Security and privacy are also built into the whole platform.

Our business value

Why choose us for crew communication?

With RB Connect for airlines, crews are better connected to the operational processes, bringing significant cost savings for the airline.


We are motivated to bring the aviation
indutry together through
better technology and co-creation
that engages and connects people
to what really matters to them.

Empowered people

We are charged to empower aviation
professionals and organizations with
simplified, relevant information
exactly when they need it. 


We think outside the box and always
strive for more. We are driven to
explore new ideas, learn from our
community and look with a fresh
perspective, our innate sense of
curiosity drives our innovation.

Take responsibility

We make our customer’s problems
our own, we always speak human,
keep our word, deliver and
continuously innovate for our
customers, providing a reliable and
genuinely customer-centric service.

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