RB Connect Integration Cloud

How we solve the burden of enterprise integrations. 

Let's be honest, typical integrations of enterprise applications within airlines can be complicated, and challenging.  

Our applications are built with integration as a primary factor in meeting the customer's needs. We work on the premise that our applications first need to connect with existing systems to drive future growth and change.  

We believe that connectivity to other applications and resources should be simpler to build, deploy, manage, and evolve over time.

At the RB Group, integration is not just a task in the overall software development process.
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RB Connect Integration Cloud

We offer packaged integrations and connectors.
These offerings are 100 percent built, supported, and maintained by the RB Group. This vendor-supported approach significantly shifts the cost, risk, and burden of integrations from the customer to the RB Group and accelerates implementation time in complex environments.

Airline ops systems with published integrations for RB Connect Integration Cloud.

The amount of supported integrations is growing rapidly, and maintaining integrations is a core business responsibility.